Have you ever wondered who modernized camping? What about how many people go camping each year? Take a turn at our camping trivia to see if you know the right answers!

Who founded modern recreational camping?

1) Thomas Hiram Holding
2) Yogi Bear™
3) George Washington
4) Lewis & Clark

Roughly how many American households head outdoors to camp each year?

1) One Million
2) 150,000
3) 78 Million
4) 30 Million

The most popular camping gear purchase is_________?

1) Tent
2) Matches
3) Chairs
4) Flashlight

What is the world’s smallest camper called?

1) Cramper
2) Tiny House
3) Tiny Trailer
4) RV Junior

What is the best way to spend time with family?

1) Watch a summer sunset
2) Sing around a campfire
3) Make s’mores
4) All of the above!




Thomas Hiram Holding is known to have modernized camping! He wrote the first edition of The Camper’s Handbook in 1908!

As of 2019, roughly 78 million households head outdoors to go camping!

The most popular camping gear purchase is a flashlight! Other popular purchases include coolers, backpacks, airbeds, and tents!

The world’s smallest camper is called a “cramper“! It is pedal powered and has 4 feet of living space.

The best way to spend time with family is by watching a summer sunset, singing around a campfire, and making s’mores!