We’ve been busy busy busy planning for a VERY exciting 2018 season and opening weekend in March can’t come soon enough! From brand new water slides to a full schedule of weekly themed activities and events, we’ve got an an action-packed and fun-filled season a head of us! Check it out!


Opening in summer of 2018, we’ll be bringing some wet ‘n wild fun to Jellystone Park™ with our brand new water slides! Hop on an inner-tube for a slithering twist of a ride on our new 376-foot long Luray Loop-De-Loop! Full of tight corners and high-bank turns, this slide will provide hours of Water Zone fun! With a friend or riding solo, thrill seekers can enjoy our new 197-foot long Virginia Vortex water slide which features a cavernous superbowl where centrifugal forces keep riders high on the wall for several rotations! Last but not least, challenge a friend side-by-side to see who is the fastest or test your own speed on our new 222-foot long multi-lane, mat racer water slide — Mountain Matchup! Try one or try them all!


We’re bringing you some very exciting new events in 2018! From the Great Outdoors Weekend in celebration of Earth Day to Kid’s Revenge Week and Christmas in July, we’ve got a themed week planned around almost every holiday, season and special day! Take a look at our full list of activities and stay tuned for the detailed schedules — we’ll post them a week before each theme! Plus, we’ll have new glitter tattoos and Spin Tees for arts & crafts, and a new Big Splash activity!


Excited? Can’t wait for spring 2018? Book your Jellystone Park™ vacation now by visiting our website or by calling us at 540-300-1697!