Half the reason we go on vacation is take a ton of photos to make our friends jealous (kidding, but not totally kidding) – that’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most Instagrammable moments for you to have on your next vacation at Jellystone Park™ in Luray, Virginia! Scroll down for inspiration, and start picking out your favorite filters!

#5: Yogi Bear™ & Friends

A photo with Yogi Bear™, Cindy Bear™, and Boo Boo™ is definitely a must when visiting Jellystone Park™. Catch them around the park or buy a Fun Pass for an exclusive VIB (Very Important Bear) Visit with them. Either way, your photo will be perfect for the “Gram” and of course, frame-worthy.

#4: Campfire S’mores

Nothing says summer vacation like a snapshot of your gooey campfire s’more. #yum!

#3: Park Scenery

Jellystone Park™ Luray is located in the Shenandoah Valley, offering a spectacular setting for some amazing photos! Your mountain photos will be an insta hit among your followers. #thoseviewsthough

#2: Furry-Friend Campers

Let’s be honest, if you have a pet, half of your photos are your pet already. Get some photos of your furry-friend having a ball at the dog park or sitting by the campsite – pets enjoy vacations as much as humans do! #dogsofinstagram 🐶❤️

#1: Water Slides

Whether you have a waterproof case to snap a pic of yourself zooming down the slides, or you have a friend get a photo from the bottom, the water slides are the most Instagrammable moment at Jellystone Park™ and scream BEST VACATION EVER!

We hope this inspiration helps you become the envy of your friends, and eventually a social media influencer—just make sure to remember us when you’ve made it big! And be sure to tag us in your photos! #jellystoneluray @jellystoneluray